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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in OTHER STUFF | 0 comments

Teaching my child a second language

Thought I would bring you into my world to get to know a bit more about this Polish Wife with a Happy Life.  The older I get the more fond I am of cultures and truly enjoy being a part of both the American and Polish culture.  These combined cultures has made me the person I am today.  One of things important to me is passing on this Polish heritage onto my daughter.

This is my daughter Annabelle.  My husbaAnnabelle aka Beluszkand  came up with her name a few days after we realized we were expecting and I knew it was the perfect name for her.  Although Annabelle is not a true Polish name (neither is mine btw…that’s a post for another day) I realized I could give her a Polish nickname, so I did “Beluszka”.  Sounds a bit similar to the russian headscarf Babushka…maybe that’s how I came up with her nickname subconsciously.  Anyways, it’s stuck ever since…a princess name with a Polish nickname…”my little Beluszka”.  Teaching my daughter the Polish language is a skill I knew I was going to have to encourage and support even though I married a handsome Irish man.  In the Kelly household we speak a lot of Po-glish (English and Polish).  Even my husband has learned a few words and phrases throughout the years like, “Did you go kupa?” which was constantly used during Beluszka’s potty training years.

To help encourage the Polish language, Beluszka attends Polish school once a week for three hours and although it’s a constant struggle to enforce the Polish language (she definitely prefers English since that is her first language like most kids in America) she is absorbing the Polish language and culture at a young age.  I am so proud of her continuing to learn a second language.  One day I know she will appreciate it all as much as I do.


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