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Cześć! I am Erika Kelly (maiden name is Jędrzejek) and as you can probably
already guess I am the Polish wife with a happy life.   I was born ‘n raised in the
suburbs of Chicago to both my Polish immigrant parents. Married an Irish man
and have been blessed with a beautiful family for many wonderful years.

Growing up as a Polish American girl meant waking up to the smell of sautéed kielbasa and scrambled eggs every Saturday mornin’.   This was my dad’s way of draggin’ us out of bed to get us to Saturday morning Polish school. And yes, all the while all my American friends were able to catch up on Saturday morning cartoons and load up on sugary cereals my three sisters and I would have to sit through 3 hours of Polish school.

The dichotomy between growing up in a Polish household yet living the American life is something that I have grown to cherish.

I’d like to share my world with you and other’s who want a break from the real world to a place where life isn’t so serious. Life is too short, let’s try to enjoy the moment. Visit my page for tips and tricks for my cleaning hacks, recipes and other stuff. I promise to always keep it real and light, Polish Wife, Happy Life.

If you wanna get to know me a little more read below for a few fun facts –

1) I am a 5 am’r riser, need to get my workout in to start the day off right.

2) I choose vanilla over chocolate flavored everytime! …with the exception of an Oreo…they seem to be the perfect ying and yang to my taste buds.

3) Dog over cat!

4) Coffee drink of choice…I like an “extra hot, non fat latte” or a vanilla flavored coffee if I am roasting at home.

5) I am obsessed with AVOCADO’s…so good, so good.

6) Look forward to each season…Fall is my fav….nothing like gettin’ comfy in a pair of sweat pants and enjoying a hot cup O’tea.

7) Gotta have my UGGs

8) I have an identical twin.

9) Jeep for life…<3

10) I enjoy using plastic spoons over metals spoons…I know, I know not very fancy, I just don’t like the texture and taste of metal mixed with a nice cup of cookie dough ice cream!

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