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Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in OTHER STUFF | 0 comments / The Gift From the Heart Foundation

“Cześć! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  Last Sunday I attended the Dar Serca/Gift from the Heart Foundation  charity boat cruise and I wanted to take a few minutes with you to share with you the impact attending the event had on me.  (I also did a FB live broadcast here about this post if you missed it).

Aside from having a great time dancing to a live band playing Euro music and enjoying the beautiful skyline I left the boat with a feeling of wanting to do more.  I decided the least I could do was help spread the awareness of this great organization and hopefully help make a difference in more children’s lives.  I had a few minutes to speak with Diana Lebiecki, the Vice President of the Junior board which supports the fundraising and volunteer efforts of the foundation.


                                           FACEBOOK LIVE BROADCAST
The charity boat cruise was a boat filled with people having a great time.  
About half-way into the cruise a 13 year old named Patryk who was being sponsored by began to speak to all those who were aboard the ship.
patryk2He began to express his gratitude for everyone that was there.  It turns out
Patryk has handicaps in both of his arms.  A percentage of funds raised from the charity boat cruise will be used to help support some of the financial burden of a $36,000 bionic arm Patryk is awaiting for.  He will also be given medical treatment for his left arm.  Specialists will be administering adjustments that will release the tension in his left elbow.  This will allow him to finally operate his arm freely.  
So if you’re like me and want to know more about this great organization…read on.

What is Dar Serca/The Gift From the Heart Foundation and what do they support?
The Gift From the Heart Foundation has been around for over 20 years.  Their mission statement is, “committed to providing a rainbow of community services to promote the importance of health, wellness and medical care for children with and without special needs”.  (AKA helping kids.)

They also have a large focus on assisting children from eastern european countries such as Poland where the medical treatment that they desperately need may not be available.  On the website you can review hundreds of stories of children they have helped.  I spent the other night reading some of their stories that left me teary eyed.  Knowing there is a special organization like who helps children that would otherwise never get treatment has left me wanting to share it with everyone I know.

Where are they located?
They are based out of Schiller Park, IL and host children and their families in this beautiful home that was built back in 2009.  Everyone is familiar with the Ronald McDonald house well is similar to that respect in that it assists children and families who are in need of major medical attention locally and abroad.

So you may wonder
, “how can I help”?

Share – if you are touched by this story or any of the stories of the other children from the site then please share this with your friends and family.  Help spread the word about the needs of children who need our help.  One share may help another child’s dream come true.

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Volunteer – Many volunteer opportunities are available. Gain experience, meet people and help the children.  Please contact Joasia Huyck at with your contact information and she will contact you at her earliest convenience.

Fundraising – individual and/or company depends 100% on private donations.  Donate to this link directly to help support this wonderful cause.

Lastly, if you missed the charity boat cruise don’t worry they will be hosting another fun event called, Cocktails for Charity on August 9th (time – tbd) at the Mid America Club on the 80th floor of the Aon Building. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city while supporting Gift From the Heart Foundation / Dar Serca. Mix and mingle with members of the Mid America club and all for a good cause. Pre-sale $25, at door $35 (if available).  Tickets will be available soon to purchase at


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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in OTHER STUFF | 0 comments

Teaching my child a second language

Thought I would bring you into my world to get to know a bit more about this Polish Wife with a Happy Life.  The older I get the more fond I am of cultures and truly enjoy being a part of both the American and Polish culture.  These combined cultures has made me the person I am today.  One of things important to me is passing on this Polish heritage onto my daughter.

This is my daughter Annabelle.  My husbaAnnabelle aka Beluszkand  came up with her name a few days after we realized we were expecting and I knew it was the perfect name for her.  Although Annabelle is not a true Polish name (neither is mine btw…that’s a post for another day) I realized I could give her a Polish nickname, so I did “Beluszka”.  Sounds a bit similar to the russian headscarf Babushka…maybe that’s how I came up with her nickname subconsciously.  Anyways, it’s stuck ever since…a princess name with a Polish nickname…”my little Beluszka”.  Teaching my daughter the Polish language is a skill I knew I was going to have to encourage and support even though I married a handsome Irish man.  In the Kelly household we speak a lot of Po-glish (English and Polish).  Even my husband has learned a few words and phrases throughout the years like, “Did you go kupa?” which was constantly used during Beluszka’s potty training years.
To help encourage the Polish language, Beluszka attends Polish school once a week for three hours and although it’s a constant struggle to enforce the Polish language (she definitely prefers English since that is her first language like most kids in America) she is absorbing the Polish language and culture at a young age.  I am so proud of her continuing to learn a second language.  One day I know she will appreciate it all as much as I do.


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