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Kielbasa Stan’s Deep Thoughts


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3 Reasons to visit Cafe Polonia

I pull up in my black Jeep Patriot car rental and although I’m not quite sure if I’m getting closer to my destination I turn to see a Polish flag at the end of the street and I automatically feel at home.  I find some free street parking and walk over to Cafe Polonia where I am greeted by zagat surveys and Yelp review window decals.  I walk in to see a big poster of Guy Fieri  from Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.
Walking into the restaurant owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lukasz Stawski  I am automatically welcomed in with Polish music playing in the background and I am transported to an authentic dining experience.  I glance around to see quaint table seating.  The wooden tables provide a warm cottage feel that reminds me of Poland.  The devil is in the details.  From the custom wood tables, to the seat cushions.
Bordered by Boston Street, Dot Avenue, and Columbia Road, Cafe Polonia is located in the Polish Triangle in South Boston.  I explain it here on
You may ask what is the Polish triangle? After WWII there was a flood of Polish immigrants that migrated to this area.  It was a place where Poles gathered to continue the polish heritage in their new American life.  In this triangle there is also a 100 year old church, Our Lady of Czestochowa where masses continue to be hosted in the Polish language.
There is even a Polish deli where you can find some kielbasa and other ethnic Polish foods.
deliCafe Polonia offers a dining experience that has been thoroughly thought through.  I am greeted by my server and snag a window seat.  My server, Kuba is also of Polish decent and I immediately request the most favored dishes people request while dining at their restaurant.  While they have their traditional menu offered year round they also offer some seasonal dishes such as summer time cold borshch and during the winter time they also offer a hot spiced wine.   All dishes are prepared by the head chef Ms. Hanna Bochynska.  She assures all meals are prepared and kept to the traditional recipes.

o here are the 3 reasons to visit Cafe Polonia:
1)  Pickled soup/zupa ogórkowa (ZOO-pah aw-goorr-Kowah)
A traditional Polish soup made of sour salted cucumbers.


2) Warka beer/Piwo (Pee-woh)
A dark beer named after the town, WARKA found 37 miles south of Warsaw.  It is a strong lager, 5.7%ABV.  Has a clear dark honey color and offers an aroma of sweet caramel malt with a background taste of fruit and coffee.  It also has the right amount of carbonation that leaves you satisfied…just really well done.  I guess it’s no surprise it’s been around since 1478.
3) Gypsy Pancake:
This is NOT your typical polish pancake…it has a Hungarian twist to it and is accompanied with a goulash (found underneath the pancake) which includes chunks of beef, onions in a rich gravy and finally topped with sour cream and parsley. 

Cafe Polonia is also the answer to your catering events. Their expert catering team can help with preparing an offsite event for any number of guests. From weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and even Oktoberfest feasts! Featuring award-winning buffets, traditional Polish and American dishes, and friendly, hospitable wait staff, their catering services are sure to make any event a truly enjoyable and memorable one.

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Take a seat…you won’t want to miss this!

Hi PWHL family!
I can’t wait to share with you some of the good eats I discovered over at Cafe Polonia in South Boston.  You will definitely want to add this restaurant to your bucket list.  See you Wednesday!


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