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Life is too short not to be you

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Tips to create a better closet

Posted by on Dec 1, 2016 in CLEANING LADY TIPS | 0 comments

Tips to create a better closet
Putting up Christmas decorations really put me in the organizing mood and really gave me the push I needed to get things checked off my organizing to do list.   

There is one good thing about living in the midwest and that is the cold weather…I think the only good reason to have cold weather, in my cleaning monster opinion is to allow us time to clean.  And I think we all know how to clean, it’s just a matter of dedicating the time and motivation.  Once you have that all you need to do is assess and organize. I told myself that if I cleaned my closet that I was going to try to find a way to keep it that way so below are a few ways to make your closet into an extension of your living space.  This process enforces a “fit” and clean closet.  I call it O.P.P. in an effort to help make it easy to remember. If you watch the fb live (replay) broadcast found below you will see why.  (hope you’re a fan of Naughty by Nature).  Also if you end up cleaning your closet, please show it off on instagram @keeponcleaning I would love to see how they turned out!

To see Tips to create a better closet, click below

RGANIZE: You will be doing a full “closet dump”.  Take everything out and dump it on the floor, dump it on your bed…just DUMP IT.  Let it all go…it’s a therapeutic experience I’m telling ya!  Just a warning though your room will look like a tornado ran thru it.  Don’t worry just trust the process.  It will all be good in 5-6 hours (sigh).  So begin to assess and purge.  Create three piles – DONATE, KEEP and TRASH.

organizeOnce you are done assessing and purging you will need to replace your hangers.
Replace plastic hangers with wooden or skinny hangers.
p1040596PERFUME (or potpourri): You want to create an extension of your living space by supporting it with a relaxing and pleasing ambiance.  What better way to do it than adding your favorite scent.  Lavenders and vanilla’s work great in this space.
perfume PAINTING: Another way to maintain a nice closet is to create add your favorite painting, work of art or even an inspirational quote like I used.  It is such a different experience opening my closet every morning seeing that lovely framed quote.  Find something that is custom to you.
paintingNow that your closet is clean one tip to maintain it is to turn each hanger the opposite way once you have worn each item.  By the time the next season comes around anything that has NOT been turned will be a good time to purge.
p1040589If you have used any of these tips and they have worked for you,
I would love to hear about it.  
Share your new clean closet on instagram @keeponcleaning.
One last thing if you want someone else to work the magic and you don’t have the time or motivation check out they are awesome to work with and are changing lives one closet at a time.  (Ask for Anna)

Happy cleaning!

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