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Let’s Get Funky!

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Some easy appetizers…

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Polska Kielbasa…one of Poland’s staple foods.  If you haven’t had authentic Polska Kielbasa then you are in a for a surprise.  BTW, if you missed the Facebook live broadcast you can catch it here or fblive

If you go to a deli and ask for Polish kielbasa they will probably give you a confused look and that’s because there are dozens of flavors and types of kielbasa you can buy.  It’s sorta like buying cheese, when you order cheese behind the deli you ask for American, Cheddars, Swiss, etc.  Same goes for Polish Kielbasa.  There is cooked, fresh, cooked and smoked and dried.  And then there are different spices that are used to produce kielbasa.  For instance there is peppered, juniper, nutmeg, caraway and THEN you have different bases of meat.
szelasThe authentic Polish kielbasa has pork but over the years they have also produced kielbasa mixed with pork and veal, chicken, and more! I think I’ve made my point…there are many types of kielbasa to pick from. My favorite are the kabanosy which I call the skinny sausage, yes I said skinny and here’s why. These are one of the most popular Polish Kielbasa’s.  They are quite long, 24 inches but very thin with a diameter of around 1 cm (.39″).

41293649 - dry cabanossi with spices on a white plate.

So here are two quick and easy appetizer’s you can quickly whip up for a party or potluck.

  1. You can pair any kielbasa of your choice with some cheese

  2. You can also grab a toothpick and pair a cherry tomato with your choice of kielbasa.

    For both of these appetizer’s you can offer some Polish mustard.  My fav’s are either the Polska Musztarda or the Kosciusko.


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